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Current Positions

Casual Arts Is Expanding as of May 2010 - just so you know this isn't a stale web page! As we expand our team to cover new franchises and new platforms we are looking to recruit talented new members to our growing development team based in the sunny North East of Engalnd, in the lively city of Newcastle upon Tyne


No fancy software engineer or associate developer titles here. We want programmers, proper coders!. We are looking to recruit C++ programmers. C++ is our main development language, but as all good code shops do, we sprinkle in some other languages where appropiate like Lua, Python, C# and Objective C, but these all play second fiddle to C++. We have found over the years that a good solid grounding in C++ sets you up well to handle all other languages. We also find a good grasp of design patterns helps to round a programmer - and we mean a bit more than just quoting the singleton pattern! A solid grasp of working in a team is taken as read along with a good grasp of project life cycles. Programmers who are up to date with modern coding ideas and those who can show that they are more than just coding monkeys and folk who understand coding beyond simple syntax are the candidates we are are looking for. And a knowledge of some of the other tools in our tool chain would also be pretty good.

And we don't need to know that you can use Word and Excel at an excellent level of competency. Franlky if you can't then you're probably not the calibre of recruit we're looking for! So send us your CV and covering letter, making sure they are short and to the point because we're busy and we don't want to waste time reading through all that extra padding your recruiter told you to add, and we'll see if you're up to the challenge.


We are looking to recruit talented artists. We prefer all round balanced artists who are skilled in both 3D and 2D, but we do consider artists who are exceptional in just one field. Our modeling tool of choice is 3D Studio Max and Photoshop is any sane artists paint package. So so send us your portfolio if you have what it takes. Better still send us a link to your website that showcases your best artwork. We're never too busy to take a look, but we don't have all day, so don't have us wading through your every uni project you've completed or your very first potato print art work that you produced when you were five! Short, sharp and punchy is the key!


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