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Oscar in Toyland 2
Available now for DSiWare

the new kid on the block!

This fabulous jump and run game is easy to play,
packed with hours of fun & non-stop action,
100’s of collectables & surprises!

In psychedelic Worlds of Candy, Soda Pop, Amusement Park Rides, Board Games, Fantasy Land & more, meeting lots of cool Toys and Animals in hidden rooms and Bonus and Bogus mini games.

Use Wings to Fly, Springy Shoes to Jump and Oscar’s secret weapon – his magical Yo-Yo to swing on and zap enemies in some of the craziest platform levels you’ll ever play!

Oscar in Toyland 1 & 2 – platformers you must NOT miss !

  • Candy World
  • Soda Pop Ocean
  • Theme Park Rides
  • Board Games
  • Fantasy Land
  • Toys & Animals
  • Bonus & Bogus 

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