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Visual C++ Runtime dependencies

Like many applications that run on the Windows platform our games have certain minumum requirements. As well as minimum hardware requirements there are also some minimum software requirements. Windows is a complex piece of software that is full of optional extras. To function correctly our games depend on two packages supplied by Microsoft. These common dependencies, which are supplied directly by Microsoft, are often found installeed on machines, but in some cases they need to be manually installed.

Here is a quick guide on how to check that your windows machine is correctly setup to enjoy our games. If you need to install the Microsoft visual C++ runtimes they can be found on the official Microsoft site. You will need both the 2012 and the combined 2015-2019 runtimes, the (x86) versions.

First select the Action Center

Then select the All Settings Option

Then choose the Apps Option

And finally check the installed visual c++ runtimes

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